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Special Educational Needs

Our aim is to provide a high quality education for all our children, including those with special educational needs. Early identification of difficulties and appropriate intervention give our children the best possible start to their school lives. We value working together with parents of SEN children to influence and contribute to their child’s education.

Children may have special educational needs either throughout or at any time during their time at school. We have a policy and 'local offer' https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/schools-and-lifelong-learning/special-educational-needs/send-local-offer in place that ensures curriculum planning and assessment for children with special educational needs takes account of the type and extent of the difficulty experienced by the child.


Teachers and teaching assistants at North Crawley Church of England School participate in the necessary training to teach, support and include all pupils and, depending upon the needs of the pupil, the classrooms are organised accordingly. Lessons provide opportunities for all pupils to achieve and involve work to be done by individuals, pairs, groups and the whole class. All pupils are encouraged to take part in music, drama and physical activities. Staff recognise and allow for additional time required by some pupils to use equipment in practical work. If appropriate, access to computer technology is provided to ensure inclusivity. As an inclusive school, we have high expectations for all pupils and seek to remove barriers to learning and participation. To ensure a smooth induction, all parents are welcome into school to discuss their child’s admission arrangements with the Headteacher.


Unfortunately, due to the location of North Crawley Church of England School, there is no immediate car parking facility which would allow a clear route into school for disabled visitors. The entrance into school has been improved by the installation of ramps to allow for easier wheelchair access and there is visibility through the front entrance door from both sides in a sitting or standing position. The playground is commonly used by pupils and is readily accessible to all. The surface of the playground is in good condition and free from holes, bumps or any loose surface. External ramps at the rear entrance have appropriate safety rails and fencing. Once inside, the size and layout of areas inside school allow access for all. Windows have adjustable blinds to improve light source and reduce glare and lighting within classrooms is well balanced. There are clear directions and information signs at all exits.

Please telephone the school office on 01234 391282 for assistance.

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