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How to apply for a school place at our school........

Parental Choice: The catchment area for North Crawley Church of England School are the rural villages of North Crawley and Little Crawley. However, parents are free to choose where to send their child to school and we would encourage you to visit to see for yourself what a small village school has to offer.

Milton Keynes Council co-ordinates admissions to all primary schools in Milton Keynes and the surrounding villages inside the Council’s boundary. MKC work together with all schools, including the foundation, voluntary aided schools and academies and, with  neighbouring Local Authorities, to give each child ONE offer of a school place only. If you are not resident in this area please do NOT complete a Milton Keynes application. Contact the Local Authority where you live to obtain an admissions pack and your LA’s admissions form.

If you currently live outside Milton Keynes but expect to move into this area before the closing date you should complete the Milton Keynes application and forward a letter confirming details of your move. This applies whether your child is starting school for the first time or transferring school at the end of Year 2, aged 7+.

The application should be completed by any parent or carer, who live in Milton Keynes with their child. Applications are required in all cases, even if your child is attending a school nursery class or has a brother or sister attending the school of your choice.

If you live in Milton Keynes you will be able to apply online from September on the MKC website www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/schooladmissions

 Admission for children starting school for the first time and those aged 5, 6 or 7 at Key Stage 1 is subject to class size legislation. A number of schools are oversubscribed annually and it may not be possible to allocate places in certain year groups. There is no guaranteed place.

Please contact the School Admissions Team on 01908 253338 at Milton Keynes Council for further information.

Admissions for September 2018: The on-line application process for school places for children due to start school in 2018 (children born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014) is now open. Apply online from 4 September 2017

The following information has been provided to help parents and carers whose children are due to start school for the first time (born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014) who need a school place from September 2018.


  • 4September 2017 - On line application process opens
  • September 2017 – January 2018 - Parents/carers seek advice and visit schools
  • 15 January 2018 - DEADLINE
  • 16 April 2018 - National offer day (for those who applied by the deadline)
  • 30 April 2018 – Deadline for late applications
  • 12 June 2018 – Second offer day

For further information, please contact the Admissions Team at primaryadmissions@milton-keynes.gov.uk

In-Year Admissions

 If your child is already at school and you want to apply for an alternative place for your child at a time when a child wouldn't normally change school then this is known as an in-year application.
To find out how to apply for an in year place please visit our website at:


In year primary application form (PDF, 224KB)

or contact: School Admissions team on 01908 253338

email: primaryadmissions@milton-keynes.gov.uk 

MKC Children & Families

For all information relating to pre-school provision and after school clubs

Freephone 0800 035 0335

website: www.milton-keynes.gov.uk

email: childcare@milton-keynes.gov.uk

Special Education Needs
Enquiries on special educational needs should be made in writing to the council or by telephone

on 01908 253414

Summary of Over Subscription Criteria

North Crawley CE School has a planned admission number of 15 places. In the event that there are more applications than places available, applications will be ranked as follows:

In the case where a community or voluntary controlled school is oversubscribed (more applications than places available), the Published Admission Number (PAN) for the school concerned will not normally be exceeded unless there are exceptional circumstances. The PAN for each school can be found at Annex A to this policy. In order to determine those applications that are successful, the council will use over-subscription criteria in order of priority. For the purposes of these criteria the following definitions apply:

Looked after child is a child in the care of the Council.

Previously looked after child is a child who has been looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted, or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order.

Sibling is a child of the family, sharing a parent by birth or adoption or living at the same address at the time of application and until and including the date of the offer letter. In the case of same age siblings, where there are insufficient places available to admit the children, the school will be authorised to exceed its Published Admission Number to allow admission of the subsequent child.

On roll at the school at the time of admission means attending the school in national curriculum year groups (R to 6 inclusive) at the time the younger sibling is attending the school.

The catchment area for each community and voluntary controlled school is defined at Annex B of this policy.

Place of residence is determined to be the address of the parent or carer with whom the child spends the majority of time as a child of a family during term-time and proof of the home address, if required, should be a council tax reference number. If clarification is required of a particular catchment area, applicants should contact the Council for further details. If the child spends equal time with each parent/carer, the parents/carers must reach agreement as to which address will be classed as the child’s place of residence for the application form. If agreement cannot be reached, the application received from the parent/carer in receipt of child benefit would be the application to be processed. Proof of receipt of child benefit would need to be provided.

Distance from the school to the place of residence is measured from the school’s main entrance to the place of residence in a straight line. This will be measured using the council’s geographical information system.

The oversubscription criteria are as follows:

1. A "looked after child" or "previously looked after child"

2. A "sibling" at the school who is expected to be "on roll at the school at the time of admission" of the younger sibling and the "place of residence" is within the "catchment area" of the school

3. The child’s "place of residence" is within the "catchment area" of the school and there is no sibling

4. There is already a "sibling" at the school who is expected to be "on roll at the school at the time of admission" of the younger sibling and the place of residence is outside of the catchment area

5. "Distance" from the school to the place of residence.

It should be noted that where over-subscription results in the PAN being reached within one of the five priorities then sub-prioritisation within priority will take place using distance.

If the PAN has been reached for all of the schools named on the application form and, therefore, no offer can be made for a preferred school, a place will be offered at the nearest school with places available (which may not be the catchment school).

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