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Attendance and Punctuality

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly, punctually, properly dressed and equipped and in fit condition to learn.

It may surprise parents to learn that as well as monitoring the academic standards in our schools, Ofsted inspect a whole range of other areas relating to school life including that of punctuality and attendance. It is important that every child attends school regularly and that absence is reduced to a minimum. We politely request that if at all possible, parents should avoid  making medical/dental appointments for their child during school hours.

We are obliged by the Department for Education (DfE) to record the children’s authorised and unauthorised absences on their records and submit attendance data. It is, therefore, vitally important that our records are correct.  A pupil’s absence from school will be considered as unauthorised until a satisfactory explanation is received from the parent. If your child is prevented from attending, parents should notify the school office on 01234 391282 on the first day of absence. Parents will be informed promptly of any concerns, which may arise over a child’s attendance.

Being punctual provides a great start to the day and puts children in a positive frame of mind to make the most of the learning activities. Punctuality is linked to good attendance and good attenders have more opportunities, more support and therefore achieve more.

Parents arriving with their child after 9:00am are requested to register their child by signing the late book in the school office. This is to ensure that your child is registered as being on the school site in case of emergency.

Children arriving after 9:30am will be registered as an unauthorised absence unless a valid reason is received. Schools are required to record instances of lateness on Department for Education absence returns. Indeed, the Local Authority is able to issue fixed penalty notices for persistent late arrival at school after registration has closed.

"Central to raising standards in education and ensuring all pupils can fulfil their potential, pupils need to attend school regularly to benefit from their education. Missing out on lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind. Children with poor attendance tend to achieve less in both primary and secondary schools" - DfE: School Attendance.

Year 1 Phonics Check

The phonics screening check is a short, simple assessment to ensure that all pupils have learned phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. All year 1 pupils must complete the phonics check which helps teachers to identify the children who need extra support to improve their reading skills. These children will then be able to retake the check in year 2. Schools are required to administer the statutory year 1 phonics screening check in June each year.

As this is a legal requirement, we request that parents do not plan annual holidays during the summer period.

Key Stage 1 SATs

Throughout the year teaching staff  carry out on-going assessments on the children’s work to gauge their next steps to learning. In particular there will be on-going assessments for year 2 pupils which culminate in a SATs testing period in May.

Year 2 pupils will undertake SATs during the month of MAY. Please do not plan family holidays during this time. Any absences can cause serious disruption to your child's learning and ultimately affect their SATs results.




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