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Primary Quality Mark Accreditation

North Crawley Church of England School has recently been awarded the Basic Skills Primary Quality Mark Award for the fourth time.

This national accreditation is awarded to schools which meet the Quality Mark Standard.

The Basic Skills Quality Mark promotes, supports and celebrates progress and improvements made by a school in English and Mathematics. Without these ‘basic skills’ of good communication, literacy and mathematical skills, individuals are disadvantaged throughout their lives – as learners, in the workplace and as parents, consumers and citizens and so they form the ‘bedrock’ of a good education.

North Crawley School is an outstanding school in each respect of the Ofsted framework. The Headteacher leads two federated schools which North Crawley is one. Her leadership and management have taken both schools to outstanding status. In June 2013 Ofsted reported that
“Excellent leadership by the Headteacher, all staff working together as an effective team and the challenges given by the governing body have ensured that the high standards and excellent teaching identified in the last inspection report have been maintained.”
The school has worked tirelessly to encourage independence and autonomy of the children. During the visit all pupils were fully engaged in independent learning. Some of the very youngest children were demonstrating sustained concentration without the need for adult intervention. It was evident that children enjoy all aspects of school life and that together with the adult team the school is viewed as a safe, joyful, stimulating and outstanding environment for learning.
‘Good practice’ identified in relation to the 10 Elements of the Quality Mark:
The basis of ensuring and maintaining outstanding learning is rooted in the quality of monitoring and evaluating performance. The Headteacher has a particular expertise in this area. Every aspect of the school is routinely and meticulously monitored for quality and impact. The pursuit of excellence is relentless using clear performance related policies, procedures and hard evidence of outcomes for pupils.

  • Ofsted reported that “..by the end of year 2, pupils’ progress in reading, writing and maths is outstanding. Standards in reading and writing are consistently well above the national average. In mathematics, they are above average and rising.”
  • North Crawley is increasingly working in partnership with its sister school Stoke Goldington. The Deputy Headteacher of Stoke Goldington is a leading maths teacher in the local authority and has inspired both schools with her exceptional expertise in maths teaching.
  • In the Early Years and Foundation Stage children mostly enter broadly in line with what is typical for their age group, except in writing, which is marginally below the level normally found. Ofsted found that “…by the end of the year, they were generally working above the nationally expected levels in all areas of learning.” This is because progress is excellent due to the outstanding provision in the Early Years class.
  • The Early Years Foundation Stage demonstrates exemplary practice.
  • The rich learning environment inside and outside the classroom is continuous. During the visit children were engrossed in timed runs outside and were independently finding patterns by placing sports cones around a hoop. Activities on offer were varied, interesting and presented challenge. Opportunities for physical activities e.g. cars in the car wash, sports and gardening were equally on offer as were writing, reading, water and sand play.
  • What makes this provision outstanding is the ability and skills of the staff to excite, make relevant, and bring alive the broad and challenging curriculum of the school.
  • Staff have a natural gift which exceeds most expectations; they present activities which inspire and excite the curiosity of children. An example of this is Billy’s Bucket (the book) where each child has a bucket with self-selected objects to motivate creative writing.
  • Writing areas in each class and outside learning areas are meticulously well planned. On the day of the visit it was Sports Relief day and a girl in a Juventus football shirt was in the EYFS writing area putting scores on a football notebook using football rubbers and talking about her football pattern on the polystyrene sphere.
  • Books and words are used and displayed in all areas of the learning environment. Every opportunity is made to present the children with opportunities that inspire, motivate and stimulate investigation. Resources are of the highest quality and every effort has been made by staff to give children relevant and meaningful equipment e.g.the Bingo balls in the water tray!
  • The very impressive work of the EYFS class is continued into KS1. Computers are used as part of routine equipment.
  • The school has achieved an outstanding SIAMS report from the local diocese inspectors in relation to its Church School status.
  • Parent questionnaires shows an extremely high level of satisfaction with 100% reporting that they agree and strongly agree that their children are well looked after, happy, taught well and pupils behave well.
  • Based on their starting points and needs those pupils with special educational needs and vulnerable groups make excellent progress. This is because they receive well-trained support and regular checks are made on the progress of these groups.
  • The school has made a particular effort to make the curriculum more relevant for boys as they are the majority gender across the school. This has been a great success with a greater proportion of boys achieving L3 in writing and reading.
  • Governors provide an appropriate balance between support and challenge and have good understanding of how the basic skills are taught, monitored and targets set.
  • Ofsted “The school development plan is based on accurate evaluation of the schools’ strengths and weaknesses.Training across the school is of a high quality."
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